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Here are some samples of our writing/naming/branding work for clients including Walt Disney Imagineering,
and President Bill Clinton.


  Walt Disney Imagineering - Disney's California Adventure

From 1997-2001, World Creative Supply was hired by Walt Disney Imagineering to help develop attraction names, slogans, sign copy, and other themed nomenclature for Disney's California Adventure theme park, which opened in 2001 at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Collaborating with WDI planners, designers, architects, and decorators, World Creative Supply invented names for many of the park's rides and restaurants.  We also named shops and retail stores, helped conceptualize the designs for several park attractions, and scripted creative elements like menu text and themed graffiti.  World Creative Supply also contributed copy for billboard taglines, poster slogans, interior signs, and visual gags for a number of areas and retail environments.

In addition to writing for the theme park itself, World Creative Supply was also hired to write ad copy, public relations materials, corporate presentations, and employee reference guides about the Disneyland Resort's parks, stores, and hotels.




Walt Disney Imagineering
Attraction Name Development, Venue
Nomenclature, Theming, Copywriting
for Disney's California Adventure Park
"Paradise Pier" land Helping invent names for the "Paradise Pier" land was World Creative Supply's assignment for Walt Disney Imagineering.








  The House Of Mouse on ABC/Disney TV

In 2000, World Creative Supply was hired by Walt Disney Animation to write parody lyrics and develop musical plotlines for ABC/Disney's animated series "House Of Mouse."

The show stars Mickey Mouse in a nightclub populated with Disney characters.

In addition to writing new words to classic Disney songs, our creative team arranged the music tracks, recorded complete demos, and helped direct the animation voice-over actors in their recording studio performances.

World Creative Supply worked on a number of songs for the series, seven of which are available on the "Disney's House Of Mouse" soundtrack album.




Walt Disney Television Animation
Parody Lyrics, Story Development
for ABC-TV's "House Of Mouse" Series
"House Of Mouse"

"I Wan'na Be Like M-O-You"
King Louie's brother Larry duets with Mickey Mouse on this "Jungle Book" tune, with an envious Larry asking Mickey for advice on how to mind his manners.
click here to read lyrics and hear song

"House Of Mouse"

"A Parrot's Life For Me"
Iago the parrot from "Aladdin" squawks about his feathered brethren in this parody of the song "A Pirate's Life For Me."
click here to read lyrics


"Soup Or Salad" "Soup Or Salad, Fries Or Biscuits, Extra Olives, Donuts"
This peppy parody of the classic Disney song "Super-cali-fragilistic-expialidocious" stars Goofy (in the role of befuddled waiter at The House Of Mouse nightclub) bemoaning the odd orders of his customers.
click here to read lyrics and hear song





  Disney Consumer Products

In 2013, World Creative Supply was hired by Disney Consumer Products to write dialogue scripts, product slogans, and package copy for a variety of toys, dolls, and children's merchandise.


Disney Consumer Products
Product Package Copywriting,
Scriptwriting, Branding for Disney Toys

Disney Consumer Products

"My First Disney Princess"
Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"




  Richard Cheese "Lounge Against The Machine" Album Title and Band Name

World Creative Supply created, launched, and continues to manage the branding and marketing for Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine, a popular band which performs lounge-style versions of rock and rap songs.

We invented the name of the character Richard Cheese, his swing band Lounge Against The Machine, and the alias names of his musicians, such as Bobby Ricotta, Frank Feta, Gordon Brie, Buddy Gouda, and Charles Limberger.  We also developed and designed all of the band's CD titles (such as Tuxicity, A Lounge Supreme, Lavapalooza, Back In Black Tie, and The Lounge Awakens), album covers, artwork, merchandise, and liner notes.  We also wrote all website content/copy, press releases, and promotional material.

World Creative Supply also developed imaging and merchandising for the band, including Martini Hero T-shirts, "Tomorrow's Standards Today" posters, and the iconic Welcome To Fabulous Richard Cheese logo (above).

We also maintain the on-line marketing and social networking presence for the act, writing promotional copy and daily FaceBook and Twitter status update posts to promote the artist to fan club members.



     see more at    

Richard Cheese
Branding, Album Titles, Press Releases,
Website Content, Flyers, Copywriting
for National Touring Comedy Act
Richard Cheese Lounge Singer Richard Cheese.
click here to visit
LOUNGE AGAINST THE MACHINE CD! TUXICITY CD! "Lounge Against The Machine" CD and "Tuxicity" CD.
I'D LIKE A VIRGIN CD! APERITIF FOR DESTRUCTION CD! "I'd Like A Virgin" CD and "Aperitif For Destruction" CD.
SUNNY SIDE OF THE MOON CD! SILENT NIGHTCLUB CD! "The Sunny Side Of The Moon" CD and "Silent Nightclub" CD.
DICK AT NITE CD! VIVA LA VODKA CD! "Dick At Nite" CD and "Viva La Vodka: Richard Cheese Live" CD.
"OK BARTENDER" CD! "OK Bartender" CD and "Lavapalooza" CD.
"A Lounge Supreme" CD and "Back In Black Tie" CD.
"Cocktails With Santa" CD and "Mucho Queso" album.
"Bakin' At The Boulder" CD and "Supermassive Black Tux" CD.
"The Lounge Awakens" CD.
Martini Hero "Martini Hero" shirt logo.
Poster "Tomorrow's Standards Today" poster.
Poster "Martini Dunk" poster.





  NBC Television

At NBC from 1996-2000, World Creative Supply created parody songs and promo spots for the network's on-air promotions department.

We wrote parody lyrics, created network jingles, and helped edit network promos and interstitial programming.  We created award-winning parodies about sitcoms like "Friends," "Will & Grace," "Frasier," and "Just Shoot Me," as well as special song montages for airings of "Jurassic Park" and "Twister."

Our acclaimed promo spots ran regularly during NBC's "Must See TV" primetime lineup, and even aired during the Super Bowl.

Our parodies inspired NBC to create "Johnny Chimes," a digitally-animated singing peacock mascot, who sang parodies about NBC shows.  The character was used extensively in on-air promos, and World Creative Supply earned a Promax Muse Award for its production of an NBC Johnny Chimes Affiliate Marketing Presentation.

Parody Lyrics, Jingle Lyrics, Promo
Copywriting for Network On-Air Promotions
"Johnny Chimes" NBC's "Johnny Chimes" animated character.
"The Single Guy" Promo for "The Single Guy."
NBC-TV "Single Guy - Rawhide" Promo Spot :30 (WMV)
"Twister" Promo for "Twister" Movie.
NBC-TV "Twister - Twister Again" Promo Spot :30 (WMV)
"Just Shoot Me" Promo for "Just Shoot Me."
NBC-TV "Just Shoot Me - Grinch" Promo Spot :30 (WMV)
"Will & Grace" Promo for "Will & Grace."
NBC-TV "Will & Grace - Just Jack" Promo Spot :30 (WMV)
"Maverick" Promo for "Maverick" movie.
NBC-TV "3rd Rock/Maverick" Promo Spot :30 (WMV)
"Titanic" Promo for "Titanic" movie.
NBC-TV "Titanic - Love Boat" Promo Spot :30 (WMV)
"Newsradio" Promo for "Newsradio."
NBC-TV "Newsradio - Jon Lovitz" Promo Spot :30 (WMV)
The Promax Gold Medallion Muse Statuette The Promax Muse Award.


  Nick At Nite

World Creative Supply provided writing services to the on-air promo departments of the TVLand and Nick At Nite networks from 1992-1997.

At Nick At Nite, we invented all-new lyrics to popular TV sitcom theme songs, including "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "The Bob Newhart Show," and "Bewitched."  We also created an entire parody song about "I Dream Of Jeannie," sung to the tune of Suzanne Vega's hit song "Tom's Diner."  These parodies were written, recorded, and produced by World Creative Supply, and then music video promos were cut for each one.

We also developed interstitial programming segments for TVLand network specials, wrote the "Taxi" chapter for the "Nick At Nite Classic TV Companion" book, and created themed jingles and spots for series programming blocks.



     [video clips coming soon]    


TV Land  /  Nick At Nite Networks
Parody Lyrics, Promo Copywriting, Special
Program Writing for On-Air Promotions
"The Dick Van Dyke Show" Promo for "The Dick Van Dyke Show."
Nick At Nite "Dick Van Dyke Show" Promo Spot :30 (WMV)
"Jeannie's Diner" Promo for "I Dream Of Jeannie."
Nick At Nite "I Dream Of Jeannie" Promo Spot :30 (MPG)
"The Bob Newhart Show" Promo for "The Bob Newhart Show."
Nick At Nite "Bob Newhart Show" Promo Spot :30 (MP3)
"Roger & Howard" Promo for "Roger & Howard: Together At Last" Segment.
"Classic TV Companion" "Nick At Nite's Classic TV Companion" book.





World Creative Supply contributed jokes and comedy material to a number of President Clinton's public speeches between 1996 and 1999.

Click here to read an excerpt from President Clinton's April 10, 1997 address to the Radio And Television Correspondents Association Dinner in Washington, D.C.

World Creative Supply has also contributed writing services to the California State Democratic Party for a roast of Governor Gray Davis, and to Arizona State District 15 Representative David Lujan's successful election campaign.


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The White House / Democratic Party
Jokewriting for President Bill Clinton
President Bill Clinton President Bill Clinton.
click here to read a speech excerpt
Thank You Letter "Thank You" letter from President Bill Clinton.
David Lujan Postcard for Arizona State Legislator David Lujan.


  Kevin & Bean Morning Show on KROQ 106.7 FM / Los Angeles

At KROQ in the 1990's and 2000's, World Creative Supply contributed branding, content writing, imaging spots/jingles, station promos, spoof commercials, and other creative material to the Kevin & Bean Morning Show.

We also created and scripted numerous characters and features on the show, including Paul The 55-Year-Old-Intern, Shakespeare Man, Stephen, Bob Hope, and Lt. Sulu.

World Creative Supply also produced several of the station's annual holiday albums, writing parody lyrics and directing recording sessions with guest performers like Johnny Cash, Barry White, Phil Collins, Cindy Crawford, Chris Isaak, Andy Dick, and Tony Bennett.

     [audio clips coming soon]    


KROQ-FM Radio Los Angeles
Promos, Comedy Sketches, Features,
Characters, Segment Scriptwriting
for Kevin & Bean Morning Show
"This Is Bob" Comedy CD "Bob Hope" character impersonation.
click here to visit
"Phaser Rock" Comedy CD "Lt. Sulu" character impersonation.
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More Clients

World Creative Supply
has also delivered creative writing services to clients like Premiere Radio Networks, Tivo, Hobbico, and many others.

e've contributed creative material to Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update," comedians David Spade and Steven Wright, and ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live." 

From press releases to postcards, from game show questions to bumpersticker copy, from billboards to biplane banners, World Creative Supply has -- wait, really?  We wrote for a biplane banner?!?  Wow!


More Clients
Various Copywriting/Editing Projects
Premiere Radio Networks Premiere Radio Networks.
TiVo On-Screen Menu and Captions TiVo.
"Professor Big Brain" Educational Toy Package Professor Big Brain (Hobbico).
Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live.






World Creative Supply

Below are some additional samples from our creative work
for The White House and ABC-TV's "House Of Mouse."





President William Jefferson Clinton
The White House


   Below is an excerpt from President Clinton's April 10, 1997 address to the Radio And Television Correspondents Association Dinner in Washington, D.C.  World Creative Supply's contributions to the speech are indicated in blue.

At the time of this speech in 1997, President Clinton was suffering from a recent knee injury, and meanwhile, former President George H.W. Bush had just made headlines by skydiving at the age of 72.

The President:
Thank you.  Thank you very much.  Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, members of Congress, members of the press, fellow sufferers.  (Laughter.)  I would like to thank the Radio and Television Correspondents Association for inviting me this evening.  I want to give Terry Murphy a special thanks for the kind introduction and, also, given my condition, I'd like to give a special thank-you to the Ridgewell Catering Company for bringing me here tonight.  (Laughter.)  Enough laughs.

I have come here tonight to speak about a topic of perennial concern in Washington, something we never get around to doing anything about.  And that is the close, some would even say cozy relationship, between the rarified elite who make public policy and those who report on it.  And on that topic, just let me say this:  Congratulations, Andrea.  (Laughter and applause.)

You know, that fella standing next to you in the newspaper photos a few days ago -- (laughter) -- he looked exactly like Alan Greenspan, only exuberant.  (Laughter and applause.) 
I want all of you to know that, until recently, I had planned out a really dramatic entrance to this dinner. (Laughter.)  And then, George Bush stole my thunder.  (Laughter.)  I mean, look at this -- this guy is 72 years old, he jumps out of a plane at 12,000 feet, he lands without a scratch.  (Laughter.)  I fall six inches, and I'm crippled up for six months.  It's ridiculous.  (Applause.)

Now, as you might imagine, my injured knee adds complications to
my schedule.
In fact, you know, just when I was on the way over here tonight ----

<Mike McCurry enters, hands President note>

As you have seen, my press secretary, Mike McCurry, just handed me a note.
<reads note>
According to wire reports, former President Bush has just bungee jumped off the Seattle Space Needle.

That reminds me -- I was supposed to make another announcement tonight.  Mr. Murphy has asked me to tell you that the Radio and Television Correspondents Association has decided to adopt the practices of the Democratic National Committee.  (Laughter.)  That means you can all pick up your $1,000 refund checks on the way out tonight.  (Laughter and applause.)

You know, I'm getting a little sick of these fundraising stories. (Laughter.)  But here I am, I'm doing the best to do the job the American people sent me here to do.  But with all this ruckus in Washington these days, we have to work harder and harder to sort of be heard through the din.  So my staff worked up a few new ideas that we thought might break through.  I want you to be the judge.  After all, it's your din.  (Laughter.)

Here are the suggestions:  Take a cue from the TV show, "Ellen."  Start a rumor that in the last presidential press conference of the season, my character will become a libertarian.  (Laughter.)  Announce that we've discovered signs of life on Mars.  We already tried that, and some of you bought it; I couldn't believe it.  (Laughter and applause.)  Announce that I will fight Evander Holyfield.  (Laughter.)  Anytime, anyplace. (Laughter.)

Here's the Vice President's suggestion.  Sign an executive order hiring people on welfare to install computers in our nation's classrooms, to e-mail messages to neighborhood watch volunteers, to use their cell phones to call 100,000 community police officers, to remind the 1 million literacy tutors to show up for work.  (Laughter and applause.)  If all else fails, push myself down a flight of stairs.  (Laughter.)  As you know, that's the one we decided to go with.  (Laughter.)  It worked for a while and I would do it again.  I may have to.  (Laughter.)

<Mike McCurry enters, hands President another note>

Thank you very much, Mike.
<reads note>
Ladies and gentlemen, you will be pleased to learn that former President Bush -- (laughter) -- has just successfully jumped the Snake River Canyon on a rocket-powered motorcycle.  (Laughter and applause.)  Now, he's just taunting me. (Laughter.)

You know, one of the results of being bummed up for while is that I've gotten to watch a lot more television than normal, and I spent a day in the hospital just sort of channel-flipping, "surfing," that's what you call it now.  And I was amazed at the way all these different channels struggled to accurately but uniquely cover my surgery. (Laughter.)

C-Span, of course, provided live, uninterrupted coverage of my injured knee -- (laughter) -- while C-Span 2 devoted full coverage to my other knee.  (Laughter and applause.)  Within an hour of the accident, CNN had composed ominous theme music -- (laughter) -- and put up a graphic, "Breaking News, Breaking Knees." (Laughter and applause.)

I knew it was going to be a major story when their "Headline News" devoted a full five seconds to it. (Laughter.)  MSNBC immediately proclaimed itself the state-of-the-art global interactive command center for all leg-related news.  (Laughter.)  ESPN broke into the North Carolina-Colorado basketball game with a breathless bulletin that Greg Norman was just fine.  (Laughter and applause.)
 PBS kept interrupting coverage of my knee for pledge drives.  (Laughter.)  For every $100 donation, you got a commemorative X-ray of my leg.  (Laughter.)  Bob Novak went on "Crossfire" to argue the positive aspects of debilitating knee injuries for Democrats.  (Laughter.)  And then, there was MTV. All they wanted to know was, did I wear a hospital gown or pajamas.  (Laughter.)

<Mike McCurry enters, hands President a third note>

Mr. Mccurry:
Another one.

The President:
Thank you, Mike.  (Laughter.)
<reads note>
Ladies and gentlemen, President Bush has just had himself manacled, placed inside a padlocked trunk -- (laughter) -- and submerged off the coast of Kennebunkport.  (Laughter.)
  The clock is ticking. (Laughter.)  Our prayers are with him. (Laughter.)


excerpted from
Radio And Television Correspondents Association Dinner
Washington, D.C.
April 10, 1997

Thank You Letter from President Bill Clinton




The House Of Mouse on ABC/Disney TV
Walt Disney Television Animation
ABC-TV "House Of Mouse" Series
Parody Lyrics, Story Development

   In 2000, World Creative Supply was hired to compose parody song lyrics for ABC/Disney's animated Saturday morning series "House Of Mouse."  Here are the lyrics to some of the parodies from the show, which can also be heard on the series soundtrack album.

"Soup Or Salad, Fries Or Biscuits, Extra Olives, Donuts"  [click for MP3]
(sung to the tune of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins)
Performed by headwaiter Goofy and his son Max, a waiter-in-training

Soup or salad, fries or biscuits, extra olives, donuts
Know the menu of this venue, do not be a slow klutz
Get the order right or else the customers will go nuts
Soup or salad, fries or biscuits, extra olives, donuts

The guy at table twenty wants some honey for his green peas
Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, and hold the--yech!--anchovies
Who would order pizza with no crust, no sauce, and no cheese?
Soup or salad, fries or biscuits, extra olives--check please

GOOFY: This job's pretty tough!
MAX: Not as tough as the steak!

So even if they tell you that they want some heated coldcuts
Or some mustard mixed with custard in which to dip who knows whats
A waiter's work is never done, no if's, no and's, no but's
Soup or salad, fries or biscuits, extra olives, donuts!

"Soup Or Salad, Fries Or Biscuits, Extra Olives, Donuts"


"I Wanna Be Like M-O-You"  [click for MP3]

(sung to the tune of "I Wanna Be Like You" from The Jungle Book)
Performed by King Larry as he praises Mickey Mouse

LARRY: Now I may be the king of the jungle
But around here I've been a fool
I dig the mouse, that gigs in this house
I wish I could be so cool

Oh, M.M., what's your secret?
How've you done it all these years?
Tell me the scoop, give me the mouse poop,
Hey, Mickey, I'm all ears

Oh Mickey ooh (M-I-C)
I wanna be like M-O-you (K-E-Y)
I wanna sing like you (ooh)
Swing like you (ooh)
Too ooh ooh (Why because we like you)
Mickey it's true ooh ooh (M O U S E)
A monkey like me (M O N K E Y)
Wants to learn to be, like that mouse Mickey

MICKEY: Aw, king Larry, don't you worry
Just be yourself, that's all
Don't jump around, relax, sit down
And please don't climb up the wall <crash>

LARRY: Whoa, I'll be on my best behavior
I'll get dressed and comb my hair
I'll sit upright, and act polite
And leave the jungle "out there"

I wanna be like thee hee hee (M O U S E)
I wanna hang out with you (ooh)
And Minnie too (ooh)
She's so cool (MINNIE MINNIE)

MICKEY: King Larry you hoo hoo (KING LARRY LARRY)
Are royally hee hee (M O U S E)
The king of cool, and that's cool by me

LARRY: Take me home, mousie!
Just be cool, like that mouse mickey

MICKEY: One more time!

ALL: I wanna be cool, and that's cool by me


"A Parrot's Life For Me"

(sung to the tune of "A Pirate's Life For Me")
Performed by Iago the Parrot about bird gossip

IAGO:  "Alright, you birdbrains, hit it!"

Yo ho, yo ho, a parrot's life for me
We chirp and we sing, we repeat everything
We talk and squawk and squeal
We gossip and chat, we chew the fat
And have crackers at every meal

Iago says so, a parrot's life for me
Take it from a bird, don't believe what you heard
Not every rumor is true
Our feathers flap, while we yap, yap, yap
'Til our beaks are turning blue

This blabbermouth is flying South, a parrot's life for me


"You Can Fly, You Can Fly"

(sung to the tune of "You Can Fly" from Peter Pan)
Performed by Donald Duck as Peter pan teaches him to fly

PETER PAN:  Don't be chicken, you're a duck
If you wanna learn to fly, you're in luck
All you have to do is trust me
Okay, Tinkerbell----Pixie-Dust me!

PETER:  Just think of a wonderful thought
DONALD:  Any happy little thought?
PETER:  Like sailing on the ocean blue, or Daisy Duck in love with you
And in the blink of an eye
You can fly!
DONALD:  I can fly!
LOST BOYS:  He can fly!
PETER:  You can fly!
DONALD:  I can--aw, nuts!

PETER:  Alright, get off the floor
Let's try it once more

Just lift your tail and your beak, now you're aero-dynamique
You can soar to dizzy heights, and finally see your name in lights
CAPTAIN HOOK:  Hey, there's a duck in the sky!
DONALD:  I can fly!
GOOFY:  He can fly!
DONALD:  I can fly!
PETER:  You can fly!
DONALD:  I can fly!

ALL:  You can fly, you can fly, you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!


"HOUSE OF MOUSE" Soundtrack CD

(2001, Hollywood Records)
World Creative Supply's songs marked in bold.
01. Rockin' At The House Of Mouse
02. Big Bad Wolf Daddy
03. I Wanna Be Like M-O-You
04. Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo
05. We Are The Three Cabelleros
06. Mortimer Mouse
07. Soup Or Salad, Fries Or Biscuits
08. Humphrey Hop (In The Bag)
09. Stay Tuned
10. My Name Is Panchito
11. Boom Da Boom (Disney version)
12. Me The Mouse And I'm The Duck
13. Me The Mouse And I'm The Duck (reprise)
14. Everybody Wants To Be A Woof
15. You Can Fly, You Can Fly (Donald version)
16. Back In A Flash
17. A Parrot's Life For Me
18. Grim, Grinning Ghosts

19. The Ludwig Von Drake Song
20. Mouseworks Theme Medley
21. Rockin' At The House Of Mouse (extended version)




World Creative Supply




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