MJD's Intergalactic Comedy Hacienda!MJD's Intergalactic Comedy Hacienda!MJD's Intergalactic Comedy Hacienda!

Ola, space-amigos

You've landed at MJD's Intergalactic Comedy Hacienda, el home for platters of peppy parodies, bueno bits, and fajita-fuls of flavorful fun!  Ci, senoritas y senoras, if you've got an out-of-this-world appetite for authentic-style hilarity, then select an exotico speciality from our menus del loco magnifico!

Choose a
Star Wars parody, such as "The Star Wars Cantina," or a Star Trek comedy bit, like "Lick Kirk And Win."  There are also other parody songs, skits, spoofs, and more spacy, spicy sci-fi fun!  Yes, it's a fiesta of funny just for you, with compliments from the muchacho behind the musica, Mark Jonathan Davis, who sends his warmest wishes, and these welcoming words:  "Mi casa es Sulu casa!"

Now, would you like something from the menu-bar?



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